this is a poem.

For those of you within Utah driving distances, I co-pres a little thing we like to call LIFEclub and you're invited. Details for this week's soirée below; email me if you want any further assurances of pure awesomeness.

       .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Friends, dearest LIFEers: it's coming, it's time;
The Club is in session be it free verse or rhyme.
This Thursday (four and twenty) just past 8:53
We gather for L.I.F.E. and life's breath: poetry.

Yes that's right, a reading--it will be corking splendid!
(As long as
you're there, t'will be well-attended.)
You can memorize a favorite or
make up your own
(Really anything goes by way of a poem).

Try the Beats or Post-Mod or the very
There's Edwardian, Georgian---even
Be inspired by
Uncle Walt or dear Anne with an E---
Or the snark of the art like
Taylor Mali.

And maybe you're thinking
Meh, not really my thing . . .
But remember L.I.F.E.'s point, to give our souls wing?
Love's language is certain to do your heart good;
Come hear and be merry (
e.e. surely would).

So be it in
beanie and Converse or puff sleeves and white lace
Come Thursday night,
Kimball Three is the place.
Forget stagefright or wordfright; poems are worlds without laws---
At the very least come to
snap-snap your applause.

     .  .  .  .  .  .  .

And don't worry. I'm sure the poetical offerings on hand will be ten times my above attempt.
see you there!